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During the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, Helen has been active in organising, editing and participating in a number of online projects to help raise awareness of the devastating impact the virus has had on the performing arts industry and to raise funds for charities including Help Musicians UK, Pinchgut Opera and the Freelance Artist Relief Fund, Australia. Projects featuring or organised by Helen have reached well in excess of 35,000 viewers since the lockdown began. The focus of these projects has not only been to help raise much needed financial support for colleagues in need, but to provide some connectivity and musical collaboration during this time of isolation. Videos below include collaborations with musicians across the globe, featuring artists such as Yvonne Kenny, Marshall McGuire and Stuart Skelton. Helen's Easter Sunday Video 'The Lord is My Shepherd' gained traction after Dawn French tweeted about it and it subsequently being featured on ITV's national programme 'Good Morning Britain'. 

Where Have All The Flowers Gone for HELP MUSICIANS

Where Have All The Flowers Gone for HELP MUSICIANS

Please donate if you can, and thank you. Every penny goes to Help Musicians, and every little helps. Musicians across the globe, overnight, lost all of the income that they would have made in gathering music-lovers together in venues everywhere to enjoy concerts, shows, performances, gigs, recitals, festivals, productions. Help Musicians and others are supporting professionals financially and we want to help. It’s our way of saying thank you for the music. From Tom: “Thank you to all the amazing people who took part: neighbours, friends, star singers (including from Australia, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal, UK, and US), and a special mention to all the fabulous members of the Royal Opera House Chorus who joined in with children and families from all over, playing, singing and making noise. It was a fun arrangement to make, inspired in part by Marlene Dietrich's wonderful version. There are two full organs, a mandolin, and a melodica and everything in between. Hopefully this will be a reminder that, in the end, whatever happens, we are all in it together.” See links below for more information on help and advice that is on offer for musicians. Music: Pete Seeger WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE Arrangement and compilation: Thomas Guthrie Mastering: Andy Guthrie Video edit: Ruth Gardiner and Thomas Guthrie Soloists Joelle Harvey Alex Fletcher Hazel Harvey-Fletcher Osian Guthrie Inigo Guthrie Gwyneth Herbert Roddy Williams Lauren Lodge Campbell Jan Capinski Rob Murray (and family) Luciano Ganci Siobhan Stagg Caroline Muller Jake Muller Rhiannon Harper Rafferty Alex McSweeney Kenneth Benin Thomas Guthrie Melodica Gwyneth Herbert Sopranos Anna Blount Tamsin Coombs Lauren Lodge Campbell Lizzie Weisberg Joanna L’Estrange Suzi Zumpe Lydia Hancock Georgia Hancock Kirstin Sharpin Kiera Lyness Joelle Harvey Hazel Fletcher-Harvey Jenni Harper Gilly French Eli Rolfe-Johnson Victoria Adams Suzanna Perry Vanessa Woodfine Treble Dorian Bellamy Mezzos Elizabeth Key Maddie Hetherington Helen Sherman Siobhain Gibson Tracey Smith Louise Innes Helen Hughson Elizabeth Stratford Diana Moore Charlie Forrest Fleur Snow Countertenors Timothy Travers Brown Angelo Smimmo Chris Lowrey Tenors James Botcher Luke Price Mike Burke Ross Buddie Andrew Griffiths Adrian Salmon Basses Cheyney Kent Darron Moore David Lawrence James Gribble Jan Capinski Julian Chou Lambert Paul Robinson Robin Datta Andy Rupp Andy Williamson Tomos Watkins Violin Rachel Podger Bjarte Eike Rebecca Burman Caspar Bellamy Naomi Burrell Oliver Webber Hugo Webber Lily Innes Harry L’Estrange Viola Wendi Webber Ivo Webber Cellos Abi Trundell Jonathan Bungard Morwenna Zurdo Oscar Zurdo Anne Waddington Chris Suckling Judith Blomsterberg Orlando Jopling Freddie Rupp Tatty Theo Lydia Hancock Double Basses Toby L’Estrange Fanny Cooke Hannah Griffiths Mandolin Bjarte Eike Oboe Alex Bellamy Clarinet Ella Burke Tenor Saxophone Andy Williamson Flute Anastasia Micklethwaite Anna Camilla Wood Elizabeth Stratford Yonatan Stakenburg Recorder Charlotte Burke Jonathan Bungard Tim Soar Trumpet Alfie Innes Daniel Burke Dolma Chiodak Iris Eleftheriadis Rachel Walters Trombone/P-bone Katie Thomas Lewis Edney Tuba Gilly French Piano Daniel Grimwood Gareth Hancock Alexander L’Estrange Richard Hetherington Stevie Higgins Tom Bullard Jeremy Gray Harpsichord Katie de la Matter Organ Piers Maxim Christopher Allsop Help Musicians Coronavirus Hardship Fund: Other helpful organisations: Musicians Union Royal Variety Charity The Royal Theatrical Fund Music Support
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